Monday, February 18, 2013


Whatcha sewin'?  Have you finished any quilts lately?  How about any of your workshop projects from 2012....maybe the applique pillow cover?  Armchair caddy?  Twirling triangle quilt?

Consider stepping outside your comfort zone this year and try something new.  If you usually sew wall hangings, try making a throw-sized quilt.  Or vice versa!  Sew a bed-sized quilt if you never's really not scary!  If you've never sewn a miniature or art quilt, give it a try.  Afraid to try a scrap quilt?  Don't be, it's a great stash-busting activity.  Selvedge quilts are great fun, and they use the fabric edges you usually throw away.

If you've never attended a workshop, try one of ours...they're great fun.  Never celebrated National Quilting Day?  Next month is your chance to celebrate with us!

There's lots of time left to make a quilt you can submit to our show in October.  There's no pressure----no certified judges, and no quilt police!  Make a charity quilt and/or a small quilt for the charity auction at the show.  You can try a technique you've been considering, without a huge investment of time.

The sky's the limit.  Stretch your quilting skills!  Hand-quilt, if you've never tried it.  If you usually hire longarmers, consider quilting your quilt yourself.  Conversely, if you've never hired a longarmer, it's a great time-saving option.....people take in quilting like people took in laundry in the old days!  If you're a stitch-in-the-ditch kind of quilter, challenge yourself to try free-motion quilting.  If you have any questions, be sure to ask at one of our upcoming meetings.....everyone is friendly and helpful!

Cost should definitely not dissuade you from sewing quilts....careful shoppers can find bargain and clearance fabric everywhere.  And no pricey books or patterns necessary.....just search the internet for 'free quilt patterns', and you'll find enough inspiration to last a lifetime! 

So hey, Towne Squares members or wanna-bes, let this new year bring out the quilt diva in you.  YOU SEW GIRL!

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