Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fabric, fabric, fabric!!!

Why do we love fabric so much?  No other hobbyists enjoy looking at their supplies as much as quilters do, right?  We enter a quilt store and go into a trance….we want it all!  Running our hands over the luscious, colorful fabrics is a sensuous experience, and even if there’s nothing we need, a true quilter still leaves the shop with an armload of treasures for her stash.   

We are indeed lucky that today’s fabrics are so wonderful….crisp, vibrant, so many colors, designs that truly speak to us….how can we resist?   Manufacturers create fabric in the storybooks we remember from our youth, with colors we love, and motifs that call our name.  We are powerless to resist, that's the truth.

It is said that if we see a fabric we love, we should buy at least one yard.  If it is truly special, we should buy two yards, for we might never find it again.  And if it’s something we really want to feature in a quilt, “three yards please” is what we tell the store clerk.  If the ads in quilt magazines get their way, every new fabric collection out there should go home with us.   

But with the cost of fabric inching upwards well beyond $11 a yard, this is an impossibility for most us.  They say that the biggest competitor of quilt shops today is NOT online shops, nor is it the quilt shop across town.  No, they most fear the stash of their customers….a quilter will shop in her closet to use what she has for the quilt she has planned.   

But never fear, quilt shop owners, we quilters will still crave more fabric, our drug of choice….

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