Sunday, October 20, 2013

To see photos from the 2013 Harvest of Quilts, go to our new Flickr photostream at Thank you, Jana Huff Bateman, for sharing so many photos!

Chris Stamcoff (l) and Raffle Quilt winner, Ellen Wick(r).


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Linda Huston - Linda's Sew 'n So said...

I just posted this event on the Quilting Hub website. When posing an event, it asks for the sponsor's name. There are no choices but the person who is posting, so at the beginning it says that Linda's Sew 'n So is sponsoring the event. However, further in the information I have mentioned that the Towne Squares Quilt Club is the sponsor, and I gave the dates and times. Hope this was ok. Not sure if you have a listing on the Quilting Hub website. Just wanted to get this event out there.

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