Sunday, November 10, 2013

Members -Christmas workshop update: Start time is 8:30, not 9. Lunch will be provided if you registered in advance. Contact Lewcrese, Linda, Toni, or Suzie by email or this page. Supplies needed: Wing Clipper (from July's workshop, if attended, or it will be provided if you did not attend), rotary cutter, sewing machine with thread (white for cool fabric choice, tan for warm fabric choice), stiletto, pins/pincushion, scissors, cutting mat. All fabric will be provided in the kit you receive. We would like to see all members at the workshop! PLEASE: If you plan to attend but NOT sew, please arrive at noon or later. Thank you!


2014 Round Robin: 

1. Center square will be a completed 18 1/2" unfinished square.

2. You may add a 2", 3", 6", or 9" (or a combination of these sizes) border. Borders MUST be added to all 4 sides.

3. You may include a small amount of fabrics that the next person may or may not choose to use.

4. You may also include a short letter about why you chose the center and what you would like to see happen to your quilt.

5. Most importantly, you MUST have your block done and be ready to turn over to the next person each month!!! If you take more time to complete your round, then you are taking time away from someone else.

6. You have until the January, 2014 meeting to complete your Round Robin center. If you have any questions or wish to sign up, please contact Linda, Toni, Bridget, Lewcrese, Kathy, or Suzie. GOOD LUCK!

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